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March 25, 2010


by thiszine

Head’s up: Issue #3’s submission deadline is April 15. The issue should go live in May.

Send us all you’ve got as long as it’s good!!!

January 29, 2010

Website Update

by thiszine

If you’re looking for writing this zine has published and no longer see the link, never fear! We’re still building our new website and all previously published work will have a link on the new site. However, as we prepare for the transition from blog to site, a few bumps are expected as our new site takes shape.

As always, we’re interested in your submissions. Best of all, if we’re interested in your work, you’ll be include on our new site in what we’re calling this zine: volume 1, issue 2. Fancy, huh?

January 28, 2010

New Submissions Guidelines

by thiszine

Please note, our submissions guidelines have changed.

January 17, 2010

Changes to thiszine

by thiszine

A new year means changes and change is always something bitten off in quantities larger than one can chew. This is all to say that this has undergone a silent metamorphosis and it’s probably time all our readers, fans, and frenemies were dutifully clued in on our mysterious absence.


So, here goes: this zine will be moving the zine part of our site to another web address and maintaining this address solely as a blog.


What does this mean for you, dear reader and writer? It means greater flexibility with the layout of our zine and a more polished, professional look to drive traffic to the website so all our writers garner the readership they deserve. We hope the new site will make it easier to read and submit pieces and, above all, will be something you fall in love with, a place you check each morning right after you update your Facebook status.


Oh yes, we do plan to get a Facebook page sometime soon as well.


The site is still in progress but as we work towards the day when we can officially unveil it, you will notice certain changes to the links in the right hand column. Don’t be alarmed: if your pieces have been previously published in this, they will remain on the blog, as published.


If you have submitted a piece to us and have not heard about the status, we are reviewing submissions presently and will contact you soon about whether we wish to publish your submission on our new website.


And if you haven’t submitted, well geez, get to it!

November 26, 2009

Return from the Land of the Lost

by thiszine

Do you remember Land of the Lost? Well, it was a terrible Will Ferrell movie, so probably not. Anyhow, thiszine is back and will be updating posts with more regularity. Many apologies for the hiatus — when life interrupts, what are you going to do?

Lots has been happening the world of publishing and literature in my time away. So enjoy a turkey (or tofurkey dinner) with your near and dear and be sure to check back if they’re driving you too mad!

And to whet your palate for the whimsical and literary, I bring you A Book Lover’s Guide to IKEA Seating.

August 10, 2009

New Header!

by thiszine

You might have noticed a change to our look. Yes, we’ve finally pulled ourselves together and changed our header to better reflect the theme of this zine. And thanks to the editor’s personal obsession with organizing her books by spine color, there’s a nice purple-blue calming effect as well.

August 7, 2009

Updates & updates

by thiszine

So, silly me, I allowed a friend to borrow my digital camera this weekend without uploading my poetry postcard photos first! So no visual updates on the poetry postcard until after Tuesday. I’m disappointed because there’s some fun stuff traveling my way through the postal service — I received two more today.


I’ve also been flooded with numerous submissions to the this zine mailbox and I desperately want to read and post many of them. I’m excited to share the great work I’ve been receiving.


I also have hopes of creating a submissions page that’s easier to read and adding to our links and tapping into the wide network of amazing zines and sites that exist on there. I’d like to get more international submissions — so if you know a talented writer abroad, send them to this and encourage her to submit!