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December 10, 2010

From the ‘zine: Two Poems by Bill Yarrow

by thiszine

The Grave of Rimbaud
by Bill Yarrow

I visited the grave of Rimbaud.
It was pale blue like the blood
of a baby penguin.

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The Empty Bed
by Bill Yarrow

Bright falcons nested in the cracks of the cathedral
ceilings. Every closet had its owl.

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Submit to this.

August 28, 2010

Reminder: Submission Deadlines

by thiszine

Don’t forget! The submission deadline for the September/October issue of this is September 1!

Here’s a sample of what you can expect in our September/October issue:
~Great fiction by Cameron L. Mitchell and Kristopher McGonegal
~Artwork by Italy-based artist Pepper Pepper
~A look at the artist Chihuly by contributing writer Ursula K. Raphael
~Our inaugural Poet Spotlight, featuring Hong Kong-based poet Nicholas Y.B. Wong
~and more!

Interested in being feature with our next Poet Spotlight? The Poet Spotlight deadline is November 15 with a publication date of March/April 2011.

August 5, 2010

THIS announces the Poet Spotlight

by thiszine

We are thrilled to announce the Poet Spotlight, a new poetry initiative through our magazine.

What is the Poet Spotlight?
The Poet Spotlight is an opportunity for poets to have their work published in exclusivity in an issue of the ‘zine, (which is different from our blog) along with an artist’s statement and/or an interview to accompany the selected works. Our first Poet Spotlight will debut in the September/October 2010 issue and will feature the Hong Kong-based poet Nicholas Y.B. Wong.

Who is eligible?
Poets are eligible for consideration if they have not published more than one book of poetry (including chapbooks and self-published collections). We especially encourage unpublished poets to submit.

Who selects the poet for the Poet Spotlight?
A three-person review committee gives careful attention and reading to each submission and will comment on the work of the finalists.

What is the deadline?
Deadline: November 15, 2010
Decision: December 31, 2010
Publication: March/April 2011 issue of this

What are the submission guidelines?
All submission guidelines can be found here.
Please closely read all submission guidelines, eligibility requirements, and poem publication guidelines before submitting.

June 4, 2010

Open for Submissions

by thiszine

this is currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issues. We’re looking for excellent poetry, non-fiction, fiction, comics, graphic novels, video, audio, and artwork/photography from new and emerging writers and artists. Interested? Read our current issue and then check out our submission guidelines. If you’re not certain about a submission, feel free to query first.

July/August issue (#4) – July 1
September/October issue (#5) – September 1

We look forward to lots of good reading!

April 8, 2010

Write Away #31

by thiszine

Why not write AND publish?

Click the link for today’s special Write Away at The List Anthology.

(Note: Deadlines for submissions on this writing prompt is May 15.)

March 25, 2010


by thiszine

Head’s up: Issue #3’s submission deadline is April 15. The issue should go live in May.

Send us all you’ve got as long as it’s good!!!

March 19, 2010

Book Reviewers Wanted!

by thiszine

We’re on the hunt for excellent book reviewers for this Issue #3, as well as book reviewers we can add to our roaster of regular contributors.

Our goal is to regularly post book reviews on our blog and, with each issue, publish a handful of really exciting reviews.

To review books you don’t necessarily need any experience but your review must be well written and require little or no editing.

this accepts reviews of recently published fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, films, online or print journals, music, and young adult novels. If you’re uncertain if a review fits, send it our way and we’ll let you know. Queries about reviews of soon to be published books are welcomed.

Some of our past reviews can be found on our website. To submit a review, please note our submissions guidelines and then e-mail

February 16, 2010

Website Update: Countdown

by thiszine

Our new website and look are almost complete! We’re excited to offer an improved and easy-to-navigate layout with our new home and hope that the redesigned site will increase the readership of this. We want our writers to get the reading traffic they deserve!

Our goal is to have the website go live by the end of the month. In the meantime, please continue to submit your stories, poems, art, interviews, and other non-fiction tidbits to the editor at As always, we look forward to reading your work!

January 29, 2010

Website Update

by thiszine

If you’re looking for writing this zine has published and no longer see the link, never fear! We’re still building our new website and all previously published work will have a link on the new site. However, as we prepare for the transition from blog to site, a few bumps are expected as our new site takes shape.

As always, we’re interested in your submissions. Best of all, if we’re interested in your work, you’ll be include on our new site in what we’re calling this zine: volume 1, issue 2. Fancy, huh?

January 28, 2010

New Submissions Guidelines

by thiszine

Please note, our submissions guidelines have changed.

January 17, 2010

Changes to thiszine

by thiszine

A new year means changes and change is always something bitten off in quantities larger than one can chew. This is all to say that this has undergone a silent metamorphosis and it’s probably time all our readers, fans, and frenemies were dutifully clued in on our mysterious absence.


So, here goes: this zine will be moving the zine part of our site to another web address and maintaining this address solely as a blog.


What does this mean for you, dear reader and writer? It means greater flexibility with the layout of our zine and a more polished, professional look to drive traffic to the website so all our writers garner the readership they deserve. We hope the new site will make it easier to read and submit pieces and, above all, will be something you fall in love with, a place you check each morning right after you update your Facebook status.


Oh yes, we do plan to get a Facebook page sometime soon as well.


The site is still in progress but as we work towards the day when we can officially unveil it, you will notice certain changes to the links in the right hand column. Don’t be alarmed: if your pieces have been previously published in this, they will remain on the blog, as published.


If you have submitted a piece to us and have not heard about the status, we are reviewing submissions presently and will contact you soon about whether we wish to publish your submission on our new website.


And if you haven’t submitted, well geez, get to it!

September 10, 2009

Head’s Up

by thiszine

Due to a personal emergency, this zine will be updated only intermittently during the month of September. If you have submitted work for publication in this, the editor will read your work as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to be back in full swing by October.

September 2, 2009

Want to publish your poem?

by thiszine

Submitting poems to literary journals but having no luck getting published? Check out this print journal ranking for poetry submissions. It ranks all the literary journals that publish poetry by number of submissions, number of publications, previous publications of poets and gives an overall score that represents the difficult level of getting published. Unfortunately, the site does not rank fiction. (If you know of a site that does, contact us.)

August 7, 2009

Updates & updates

by thiszine

So, silly me, I allowed a friend to borrow my digital camera this weekend without uploading my poetry postcard photos first! So no visual updates on the poetry postcard until after Tuesday. I’m disappointed because there’s some fun stuff traveling my way through the postal service — I received two more today.


I’ve also been flooded with numerous submissions to the this zine mailbox and I desperately want to read and post many of them. I’m excited to share the great work I’ve been receiving.


I also have hopes of creating a submissions page that’s easier to read and adding to our links and tapping into the wide network of amazing zines and sites that exist on there. I’d like to get more international submissions — so if you know a talented writer abroad, send them to this and encourage her to submit!


June 17, 2009

Accepting Submissions

by thiszine

this is currently open for submissions.

We are looking for work by women writers in the following categories:
–creative non-fiction
–book, film, or music reviews

Submissions do not have to be about women per se, but we are looking for strong writing from a women’s point of view and we expect that our writers will tailor their work with this in mind.

For more specific details on how to get your work included in this, read our submission guidelines.

For answers to all your questions, read our FAQ.