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August 31, 2009

MFA Application Help

by thiszine

Looking for a creative writing consultant to help boost your MFA application? The Suburban Ecstasies, a personal and MFA blog, recommends Nancy Rawlinson. The host of The Suburban Ecstasies, poet and attorney Seth Abramson, also co-manages his own creative writing consulting firm, Abramson-Leslie Consulting.


Whereas a consultant for law or business school applications wouldn’t surprise me, this does. I don’t know how effective their) services are or whether it’s actually needed but I think the very existence of consultants for the MFA application shows how much the academic field of MFAs has grown and how much of a business it has become. If you’ve used a consultant service to support your application, I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether it was useful or not.


Please note: The mention and inclusion of consultants and business on this zine is for the purposes of interest to our readers only and is not meant as endorsements of the quality of the consultant or business.