From the ‘zine: Broke, Cheap, and Collegiate

by thiszine

A tale of the broke, cheap and collegiate
by Cailin Barrett-Bressack

My grandfather is known as the “coupon man” in all grocery stores near his home and will argue with any cashier until they accept an expired coupon out of sheer frustration. He discovered the “carpool” EZpass discount for tollbooths, where they’ll knock off a dollar for groups of three or more. He keeps an enormous stuffed gorilla in the back seat of his car, a baseball cap pulled over it’s beady plastic eyes and a blanket wrapped around its shoulders, so that he can get the discount when it’s only he and my grandmother driving. At restaurants, he orders water with lemon and then adds sweet and low from the table to make his own lemonade. I never thought I’d follow in his footsteps.

But now, I’m a college student. I’m living on my own. I pay rent every month. I work. And I’m surrounded by friends who are doing the same. Frugality is not only the norm now: it is revered.

For example, is a college student’s best friend… continue reading


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