Looking For That Special Someone?

by thiszine

Tired of searching through online personals at Match.com? Can’t ever seem to find people whose definition of reading doesn’t mean “the T.V. Guide?” Try Alikewise!

Their tag is “Dating by the book” and they mean it, literally. Alikewise is “a dating site that allows you to find people based on their book tastes. Anything from cooking to politics to yoga — we think we can find others who would like to talk to you.”

For women seeking men ages 18 to 35 (users can search any age range and can specify authors or book titles in their search as well), the results include chicagoreader, 35 in Chicago, IL who writes about Roberto Bolano’s 2666 “Not as breathtaking as The Savage Detectives, but I think this is still a Bolano masterpiece” and user WillDuss, a 23-year-old from Ottawa, ON, Canada, whose favorite novels include Doctor Zhivago, Voltaire’s Candide, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and War and Peace.

Men seeking women who enjoy Cormac McCarthy novels might come across 35-year-old crabada from Los Angeles who says she’s “Fortunate enough to know the difference between good & bad [books] with some free time to try it out.”

User mattyp, a 24-year-old in Portland, ME looking for men, writes in the “His Story” section of his page that he’s often found at work, where he’s the assistant manager of an independent bookstore and notes that he can’t live without: “Books. Duh. And my video games. Nerdy, i [sic] know.”

28-year-old Bionicfemme from Astoria, NY is a “Romantic Comedy Writer Seek[ing] Happy Ending with Princess Charming” and has an eclectic book taste that ranges from Ann Bannon pulp fiction to Charles Bukowski to Rita Mae Brown and literary mash-ups.

Book nerd but single no longer! Alikewise brings together lovers of books – from classics to trashics – for a (hopefully) happy ending.


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