Super Sad True… Whatever. Just Watch It.

by thiszine

Gary Shteyngart‘s satiric novel Super Sad True Love Story was released in late July and here at this we wonder how we could have possibly missed the book trailer for what is the most star-studded and bizarre-o trailer ever for a book. Shteyngart is listed as one of The New Yorker’s “20 Under 40” though the book trailer leads one to question, does he deserve it?

Authors Mary Gaitskill, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Jay McInerney all make appearances, in addition to actor James Franco and some very svelte Mt. Holyoke debutantes.

According to Eugenides, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel Middlesex “Gary [Shteyngart] has managed to escape the anxiety of influence by the sheer fact that he has never read a word.”

Catch the trailer below. It’s long but totally worth it, especially if you’re a book nerd.


2 Comments to “Super Sad True… Whatever. Just Watch It.”

  1. I agree…. it’s less of a book trailer and more like “Gary Shteyngart has a lot of fun.” But it is strangely compelling!


  2. Book trailer??? I’m not sure if I love the idea or am a bit confused by it… lol…. does not mean I would not be intrigued to pick up Super Sad True….so I guess its working…. lol….

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