Unquestionably the Best Mash-up Ever

by thiszine

You know how the hot thing these days are literary mash-ups? You’ve seen them: zombies meet Elizabethan England in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Or Tolstoy meets technology in Android Karenina.

Well, mash-ups have just entered the 21st century.

Remember The Babysitter’s Club? Those sweet, naive girls whose first lesson in Capitalism was babysitting for the Jones’s bratty twins? What if Claudia, Stacey, Kristy and Mary Anne were pulled from Ann M. Martin’s sleepy Connecticut town and dropped in, say, L.A. circa 1982? Would it be all sweetness then?

Thank God for what is unquestionably the best mash-up ever. Reader, we present to you Bret Easton Ellis meets The Babysitter’s Club.

Read an excerpt here or the full awesomeness here.


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