Book Review: Zomblog by T.W. Brown

by thiszine

by T.W. Brown

(January 2010, $15.95, 262 pages)

While some have compared Zomblog to Day by Day Armageddon because of its journal format, author T.W. Brown has presented a zombie story that’s more like a memoir of survivor Samuel Todd, as he reflects on his efforts to stay alive during the first ten months of a global outbreak.

Samuel is a divorced father of one who plays in a rock band and supplements his meager income with a newspaper route. He decides to start an internet blog to describe the strange events he witnesses during his late night/ early morning deliveries. As the emergence of the Z-plague unfolds, Samuel realizes the importance of his daily accounts.

During the first week, he wonders if the new disease has anything to do with an ancient discovery made in an Indonesian jungle, which was barely mentioned in the news. Samuel attempts to maintain his normal routine, while those around him succumb to the mysterious affliction. As communication breaks down worldwide and violence escalates, city-wide quarantines and martial law become prevalent.

Eventually, Samuel makes the decision to flee to a more secure area, where he finds others struggling to survive. Every day brings them new obstacles and nightmares; the group soon realizes that zombies are not the only threat to their existence. The safety of the compound begins to feel like a cage to Samuel, and so begins his journey from the west coast to the Midwest, meeting various groups along the way, and escaping one horror only to be met with another onslaught of terrifying events.

Zomblog is T.W. Brown’s first zombie novel, but he is currently writing a sequel. In addition to Samuel Todd’s survival journal, Brown has begun a new zombie series with Dead: The Ugly Beginning (Volume 1), which follows the POV of multiple survivors spread across the United States. Brown has done a great job of expanding the social commentary within the zombie genre.

~Ursula K. Raphael


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