Music Review: Microphonies “Time Kills”

by thiszine


Microphonies is the brainchild of Sam Farfsing, an LA/NYC based artist concerned with more than just the audio aspects to his music but also the visual. Sam has taken part in numerous bands, including the noise-pop Unk-Cegi, the indie-folk project Bananacorn and his post-punk band Hello Fever, which released two records on Sound Virus in 2005 and makes Sam a busy musician and artist, which translates into his newest effort, Microphonies.

Microphonies recently released the LP Time Kills on LA label Track Number Records, which is, according to Terrorbird Media, “a much needed slice of snarky, spazzy 8-bit synth/noise punk,” to say the least. For close followers of the California electronica sound, the album is a unique piece of artwork, but for listeners interested in something a little more palatable, don’t expect it. The road of musical crystalizing is a long progression if you are to to find yourself on Farfsing’s doorstep.

Farfsing’s creation is genre splitting nonetheless, fusing many drum and bass sounds similar to Aphex Twin (“Mr. And Mrs. Blank”), while remaining raw in the same vain as the glory days of Universal Indicator and their brand of acid techno (“In 3’s”).

Microphonies are easy to get behind because the sampling is obscure and the sound is fresh and in your face. Top tracks include “Vexxed” and “Vatican City Pretties.”


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