Bye-bye Book Reviewers!

by thiszine

Last week, the Toronto Star eliminated the only remaining position of a full-time, salaried book reviewer writing for a Canadian newspaper, Quill & Quire reported. Geoff Pevere, who served as the Star’s book reviewer for two and half years and as the film critic prior to that, will now pen a general entertainment column.

Does Pevere’s reassignment signal further shifts within the newspaper industry? The Washington Post eliminated its separate book review section last year in favor of shifting the reviews to the Outlook and Style & Arts sections. Book reviews also appear on the Post’s website.

With a multitude of online freelance or volunteer reviewers (including our own) the loss of a full-time reviewer doesn’t necessary indicate a lack of book lovers. Online reviews can be accessed globally and, with the growing popularity of e-readers and electronic mobile devices, are available instantaneously. Serious readers often seek a variety of opinions on recently published books and the Internet offers a range of reviews from a variety of sources. Pevere’s move from book reviewer to entertainment columnist is likely a stronger indication of the continued trend of newspaper readers electing to read news online instead of in print.


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