Awesome Author Photo: Simon Rich

by thiszine

Simon Rich’s second novel, Elliot Allagash, was released by Random House this week. Rich, a twenty-six year old writer for Saturday Night Live and son of The New York Times journalist and former theatre critic Frank Rich (Shout Out: Frank Rich’s memoir, Ghost Light is one of the best memoirs ever written), has a phenomenal author photo, mostly because we can’t believe he’s really in his mid-twenties.

Based on these pictures, we have a feeling Rich still gets carded when he purchases alcohol, cigarettes, subway tickets, or whenever he leaves the house without his nanny. At least when he’s eighty he’ll look twenty-five.


3 Comments to “Awesome Author Photo: Simon Rich”

  1. Crazy, isn’t it? I have a compulsion to read him a bedtime story and tell him everything will be all right.

  2. Ouch… Is he really in his mid-twenties?

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