Flash Fiction: Taped to a Rocket

by thiszine

Taped to a Rocket
by Lauren MacDonald

I came twice after when you were no longer there. Perhaps you have been tempted by exotic chocolates, fishnet tents, and the lure of the warm ocean water. Perhaps none of those things have tempted you at all, and it was the hollowness of yourself – like my the empty scoops of my pockets – that drove you away.


The shooting stars all fell out of my pocket. Great! he yelled, pulling his hands and the grip of his hard muscles away. Get off before we catch on fire! I had forgotten. He jumped off the blanket in the field, my bra flinging into the air with him. The corner was burning, the flame nibbling at the red thread and florals. Some of the darkness of the hills turned green again in the light of the flicker. I didn’t know where we were; we had gone so far off of the main trail that ran towards the mountain. It was cold like the city, but a different type of cold that came naturally, a cold that was able to breathe. The cold hitting my chest made me simultaneously forget and remember that I was nude, trying to catch my breath and stop my chest from heaving.

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