Amazon vs. Macmillan: Resolution?

by thiszine

On Saturday, the New York Times reported on a dispute between online bookseller Amazon and one of the big six publishing houses, Macmillan. The long running dispute centers around the price Amazon would offer electronic copies of Macmillan titles, including the 2009 Man Booker Prize winner Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and Jeffrey Eugenides’ Pulitzer Prize winning Middlesex, among other great literature and hot hits. The disagreement turned to fiasco this week when Macmillan stated they would not distribute newly published titles to Amazon unless the price for electronic books was negotiable. Amazon retaliated by removing all Macmillan titles for purchase from their database (consumers could still purchase the books through any of the third party sellers linked to Amazon).

Amazon’s attempts to use its leverage as the largest online seller of books failed, The Washington Post reports this evening. An article picked up from says that Amazon will sell the Macmillan titles for $14.99 at the publisher’s request and let consumers decide if the price is worth the purchase.


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