A New (Old) Way of Publishing Books

by thiszine

Check out this video from the Espresso Book Machine, a print-on-demand bookmaking invention recently released to the market.



At a cost of $100,000 or more, I am dubious that the Espresso Book Machine is going to save the book publishing industry by providing a quick and easy solution to consumer demands. Also, the quality of print-on-demand books is significantly less than typical books with no option for hardcover. While Time Magazine may have hailed the Espresso Book Machine as the “invention of the year” I think the reality of longevity for the machine is limited.


2 Comments to “A New (Old) Way of Publishing Books”

  1. True, the quality of print-on-demand books is less than traditionally manufactured books, but as long as it stays together I’m fine. All the books I have that are print-on-demand stand the test of time just as well as other books. What I feel is going to prevent the EBM from having any longevity is the price tag; $100,000 or more?!

    The lack of a hardcover option does hurt the machine, even though I’m not a particular fan of hardcovers. I do believe that with the shear amount of literature being published every year, having a database of titles to immediately print for the customer is a great idea.

    I used to work at a bookstore and I would get some of the most obscure title requests. A lot of times the books were no longer available to order due to stock or some other factor. It would have been nice just to print it out for the customer.

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