Author Photo Awesomeness

by thiszine

So I’ve recently become obsessed with checking out author photos in books. Before I read the jacket flap description and endorsements, I find I usually turn to the back flap or the back cover for some author intrigue. What does the author look like? What does s/he write for accomplishments and interests?


In the course of checking out author photos, I’ve found some that really need to be shared with a broader audience. So whenever the mood strikes us we’ll publish some Author Photo Awesomeness, also known as author photos that must be shared.


Image: Dana Fineman

Image: Dana Fineman

The first is the full back cover photo of Gigi Levangie Grazer, both an author and a Hollywood insider (as if you can’t tell the latter by simply looking at her photo). This is, by far, the most un-author like photo I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s been ripped from the pages of InStyle. Gigi’s most recent book is Queen Takes King, a book I will never, ever read but that has a market in the chic-lit set of readers out there (and more power to them!).



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