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September 15, 2009

Write Away #23

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What is Write Away?

September 13, 2009

Write Away #22

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Order & Disorder


What is Write Away?

September 13, 2009

Author Photo Awesomeness

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So I’ve recently become obsessed with checking out author photos in books. Before I read the jacket flap description and endorsements, I find I usually turn to the back flap or the back cover for some author intrigue. What does the author look like? What does s/he write for accomplishments and interests?


In the course of checking out author photos, I’ve found some that really need to be shared with a broader audience. So whenever the mood strikes us we’ll publish some Author Photo Awesomeness, also known as author photos that must be shared.


Image: Dana Fineman

Image: Dana Fineman

The first is the full back cover photo of Gigi Levangie Grazer, both an author and a Hollywood insider (as if you can’t tell the latter by simply looking at her photo). This is, by far, the most un-author like photo I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s been ripped from the pages of InStyle. Gigi’s most recent book is Queen Takes King, a book I will never, ever read but that has a market in the chic-lit set of readers out there (and more power to them!).


September 11, 2009

Libraries without Books

by thiszine

The Boston Globe writes recently of a prep school that has discarded almost all of its entire collection of 20,000 books in favor of digital readers and digital technology. The headmaster of the school, James Tracy, is quoted in the article as saying: “When I look at books, I see an outdated technology, like scrolls before books’’ but insists “This isn’t Fahrenheit 451. We’re not discouraging students from reading. We see this as a natural way to shape emerging trends and optimize technology.’’


The article goes on to explain what will replace the library: a “learning center” complete with three flat-screen TVs for projecting date from the Internet, laptop-friendly carrels, electronic readers (like the Kindle and the Sony Reader) and a coffee shop (including a $12,000 cappuccino machine).


A library without books? Sure, a lot of our future is looking digital but a lot of our future is inscribed in the past — which books can help access. And the tactile sensation of books is immensely important. While I didn’t always love the required reading selections as a student, I did enjoy picking up my assigned copy of of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and seeing which previous students held the book before me (some copies inscribed with names from fifteen years earlier), discovering what passages they’d underlined or what crude (or artistic) drawings they’d inked into the margins. The feel, the smell of a book — that can’t come from a Kindle. But a feather in your cap for being a technologically advanced prep school campus — I suppose that can.


September 10, 2009

Head’s Up

by thiszine

Due to a personal emergency, this zine will be updated only intermittently during the month of September. If you have submitted work for publication in this, the editor will read your work as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope to be back in full swing by October.

September 9, 2009

Man Booker Short List

by thiszine

The judging committee for The Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2009 announced the shortlist on Tuesday. The cool thing is that interviews with each of the authors can be found in the Perspective section along with audio extracts of each of their titles. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 6 October 2009.


If you’ve read any of these titles, please leave a comment for us or write a review about the book!


Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2009
Shortlist Nominees

A S Byatt
The Children’s Book


J M Coetzee


Adam Foulds
The Quickening Maze


Hilary Mantel
Wolf Hall


Simon Mawer
The Glass Room


Sarah Waters
The Little Stranger

September 2, 2009

Want to publish your poem?

by thiszine

Submitting poems to literary journals but having no luck getting published? Check out this print journal ranking for poetry submissions. It ranks all the literary journals that publish poetry by number of submissions, number of publications, previous publications of poets and gives an overall score that represents the difficult level of getting published. Unfortunately, the site does not rank fiction. (If you know of a site that does, contact us.)