“The Anniversary” – New Fiction by Heidi Ash

by thiszine

The Anniversary
by Heidi Ash


Floating in that pleasant haze between sleep and wakefulness, she realized today was her wedding anniversary. She stretched, carefully, because at 67 years of age, some seldom used tendon or muscle could suddenly rebel and put you out of commission for days. She had allowed herself to sleep in, since everything for the party had been readied yesterday.


She took it slow in the bath. Swirling the bubbly water with her hands her gaze softened as she leaned her head back onto the cushion she had received for her wedding shower so long ago. Through half closed lids she saw her body transformed into that of the 18 year old she used to be.


With breathtaking intensity those feelings came rushing back to her. She had been radiant. The evening he proposed, she had touched a deep place of communion within herself. She loved him, the two of them and the whole world. She felt connected and expanded at the same time.


They would be buddies, friends, lovers. They would be there for each other and accomplish things together. She wasn’t sure what those things were, but she knew they would be grand. Finally, they looked good together, something that really matters at 18. It had been the happiest day of her life and she had celebrated it every year since. She smiled, feeling that same sense of suspense and anticipation of adventures yet to unfold.



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Heidi Ash worked 23 years as an R.N., taught 12 years of Yoga and Meditation, and for 3 years ran a Retreat House in the Indiana corn fields. For the past 5 years she has been providing private elder care for primarily Alzheimer’s patients.



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