The Philosopher’s Daughter – New Fiction by Lisa Fu

by thiszine

The Philosopher’s Daughter
by Lisa Fu


This story deals with very sensitive subject matter and is not intended for immature readers or reader under 18.


Photo: Paweł Strykowski

Photo: Paweł Strykowski

My name is Chloe. Brown eyes, two of them, long dark hair, a reddish
mouth, both hands, about 5’4”, you know all that. Thin and pale.


His name is John. He was a hands-off sort of parent, didn’t really
look into our lives too much or baby us. We had no mother to speak of;
she left us when we were just babies. He was always a young father,
hurrying in and out of the apartments we lived in, always going
somewhere, chain-smoking, or writing, sometimes stopping to give us a
kiss or two, or play a game of chess. Only I never really knew how to
play, and he was impatient with lack of skill like that, inability on
the part of anyone, even a child, his own. He explained and tried to
teach me, but I never quite got it, never learned.


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