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August 5, 2009

Poetry Postcard

by thiszine

I’ve received more poetry postcards from the August 2009 Poetry Postcard.


This first postcard was sent on a blank index card, so the front contains no image.



Butterfly Love
David, you were a moth —
Dark & direct, flying helplessly,
surprised you had wings.
Laughing too easily:
deep, dimp, crooked teeth
wide, sweaty forehead,
small, squinty, smiling eyes
watching me
As you bumbled.

I had to smash you–
I was a butterfly
Pure & pretty (careless)

Why am I stained red?
I didn’t want you
to want me
You are a moth, dark
& dirty.
But I am no longer a


I love the graphic on the front of this next postcard. There’s also great formatting on the back, where the poem is written. Very fun!



Crossing Canal
I visited students at a grammar school on Baxtar St., they’d be meeting me at the Whitney the following week, a chance to get to know one another, a chance to think about art.
We looked at abstract paintings of NYC, pop art and minimalist sculpture.
Sometimes They giggled, sometimes their heads
tilted to help along new thoughts.
They raised their hands, spoke up, listened to each other, got past being shy.
But when I put up the slide of
Edward Hopper’s wife, naked,
looking out her window onto the day
Blue sky didn’t matter.
Neither did why artists pay attention to light
by eyes turned down,
32 tiny hands in unison covered the windows
of their souls.
I quickly put on
a Georgia O’Keefe flower
and we carried on,
pondering why
she made things big.
~Lynne Shapiro


Finally, here’s what I sent out recently. The idea for the poem came to me after a two hour blackout at work one afternoon, effectively shutting down everything, though we were expected to continue working. Hard to do without electricity and with the reliance on computers!


Darkness bursts unexpectedly,
breaking like thunder
with a sudden roar
of silence.

And the shiver of fear
at the blackness,
the monsters that prey
from the shadows.
~Lacey Dunham


I received two more postcards in the mail yesterday, plus my own that I’ve sent out. I’ll include those in another update!


August 5, 2009

Write Away #15

by thiszine

Water Raining

    Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a

  • meadow and a stroke.

~Gertrude Stein


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