by thiszine

At The Renegade Writer, read a recent post from a writer’s agent on how to pitch your book to an agent. It’s a helpful little bit of advice.


Jennifer Lawler, the same agent who maintains The Renegade Writer blog also keeps a personal blog. She talks about how writers don’t need to have crazy experiences to write. They just need, like anyone else with a job, to practice their craft. So if you’re not a wild adventurer taking notes as you bungee jump from the Golden Gate, don’t worry!


Over at Reality Check’s blog, there’s a nice little write up about the Harry Potter sex obsession as the little wizard meister grows up and, naturally, begins to take a fancy to something other than casting spells.


Finally, Daily Kos writes up a list of the 15 Must Haves for Third Wave Feminism. It’s worth taking a look at.


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