New Story by Hannah Oberman-Breindel

by thiszine

by Hannah Oberman-Breindel


Photo: Brandon Remler

Photo: Brandon Remler


It was the first warm day of spring. Annie and I had taken a long rambling walk, ending at a bench on a path close to the 110th street entrance of Central Park. It’s quieter uptown in the park than it is in midtown. Even our friends rarely venture above 96th street. Annie and I called it our part of the park. “Let’s go to our part of the park,” Annie had said that morning as she sat at the kitchen table in my extra large Brown sweatshirt and white boxer briefs, picking at her English muffin. She was perched on a chair, one foot under her, the other dangling off to the side. Her brown hair was still mussed from sleep, and she had clipped it back so that it wouldn’t get in her face as she read the paper. “I want to walk with you and chat,” she said, looking up only at the end of the phrase to give me a brief smile. So we went.


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