New Poetry by Michelle Dominique

by thiszine

by Michelle Dominique


Before the confession—
Before the sun bowed in recession
to the lethargic black clouds spreading
like melting ice
between the tall oak trees.


Before the room was reflected
against the glass pane
and through the imprint of the figure
on the window
and before you explained
that its origin was unknown.


Before softly
I blew the dust from the books
on the shelf
and held the stone heart–heavy in my hand–
cold against my chest.


Before I discovered the scent of the red pillow
where I could feel you linger
curled in the corner like a small child.


Before the surrender—


The nervous movement toward the truth.
The acknowledgment of reality,


Before the pulling close and
the synchronized breathing.


Before the wetness of your rough cheek
against my neck.
Before your tears that trailed and teased my collar bone
and cooled my hands.


Before the connection


Michelle Dominique divides her time between Chicago and Northern Virginia. She lives to write.



published by this zine
July 21, 2009


One Comment to “New Poetry by Michelle Dominique”

  1. Great poem Michelle. I especially like the 3rd stanza.

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