by thiszine

Summer colds/flus suck. As I’m getting over mine, here’s some interesting reading to tie you over. Enjoy!


The New York Times Parenting blog wrote recently of a Swedish couple who refuse to share whether their toddler’s gender. The parents made the decision in an attempt to keep their child free from the construct of gender.


Both Ms. Magazine and Bitch have published recently articles on the problematic constructs within Edgar and Bella’s relationship in the Twilight book series. Both articles are a good read.


Ms. Magazine also reviews to recently published books, including The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti; This Child Will Be Great, an autobiography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; and Lisa See’s Shanghai Girls. (I haven’t read any of these yet. Have you? Then send us your own book review!)


That’s it for this round! My goal: feel better this week and post some of the recent submissions to this zine’s mailbox – they’re exciting, well-written, and all around awesome!



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