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My upstairs neighbor is celebrating today by blasting Whitney Houston and bad, 90’s-era Madonna from his stereo, presumably to drown the sound of fireworks exploding up and down the neighborhood streets.


In this spirit, this zine brings you Link-o-Rama, a (hopefully) weekly smash-up of links we think you should check out. Consider it an explosion of topics from writing, women, book sites, book reviews, politics, entertainment, and the truly awesome/horrifying.





Link-o-Rama – Week of July 4, 2009


I love independent bookstores. For folks who don’t have an independent bookstore around, or who prefer the cloying comfort of anonymity in cyberspace,
Better World Books is a close second. Better World is an online social venture company that supports literacy organizations through the sale of its books. Now lets see if Amazon can do that!


Likewise, Salt Publishing is an independent publisher of novels, poetry, and short stories, based in England, but with “book club” subscriptions and books available worldwide.


The Evolution of Chase is a personal website and blog written by Chase herself as she muses her way through life after the trauma of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.


Amy Suskind of The New Agenda writes in the Huffington Post about how sexism against any woman – conservative or otherwise – is still sexism.


A blog post on why women writers continue to remain handicapped (hint: it’s not because we’re not as good).


Salon’s article “Unveiling the revolution” discusses how the world shouldn’t be shocked by Iranian women’s firce support of Mir Hossein Mousavi.


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