New Poetry by Tana Velen

by thiszine

What’s Between
by Tana Velen


Are we arguing?
Or is it my own momentary sourness
coloring this conversation?


The question goes unanswered
and the moments from then
to the nothing that is said
grow large,
in sporadic heart beats


They bounce
from carpet to wall
In this makeshift home for


So yes, then, we are arguing
And the only thing bigger
than the sad, pernicious questions
with no answers
is the space,
the hot sticky space,
between us.


Tana Velen is currently working in AmeriCorps NCCC with the Mayor’s Summer of Service program in Washington, DC. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Creative Writing degree and plans to continue service work and writing for as long as possible.

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2 Comments to “New Poetry by Tana Velen”

  1. Tana, that poem is awesome! You keep proving to be the master of many domains!

  2. This is beautiful, Tana! You *are* a poet, and a damned good fiction writer, too 🙂

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