Mommy Mia!

by thiszine

I don’t even watch TLC’s John & Kate Plus 8 but I still can’t escape the Gosselins. The affair, the divorce, the Kate Hate — the Gosselin’s are everywhere.


Kate Gosselin has been both vilified and praised in the messiness following the announcement of divorce. She’s been called “controlling,” “selfish,” and a “pyscho-bitch.” She’s been demonized for her transition from frumpy homemaker to reality-show parenting icon – for better or worse.


It seems that, in general, the media doesn’t know what to do with the matriarch of the Gosselin family. She’s routinely criticized for her bad parenting skills, as if she was the only person raising the children. So far, she’s received the brunt of the negative publicity following the announcement of Jon cheating on her and the couple’s decision to file for divorce. Not surprisingly, everything wrong with the family and the marriage is considered Kate Gosselin’s fault.


Whether or not you agree with Gosselin’s parenting techniques or the Gosselin family’s life in the limelight of reality television, she is a woman who has commanded both a career and a family simultaneously, albeit in front of cameras, and that’s no easy feat, as many women know. Raising a family is hard work. Holding down a career is hard work. Kate Gosselin does both at the same time and, unlike other women, her mistakes, missteps, and bad decisions are held up for judgement. I wouldn’t want to be in her very public shoes, nor do I necessarily condone the choices she’s made that affect both herself and her family, but in this screwy modern-day world where nothing is quite private, Kate Gosselin is Gen X rising.



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