Supporting Women

by thiszine

I discovered this little quote on another blog recently:


    “until a woman has given herself permission to be fabulous, she will not find herself with partners who promote her ability to be so.” ~marianne williams


I remember reading an article once that profiled a woman writer. Unfortunately, I don’t recall anything about the article except one thing the writer said. She commented on how she often receives negative feedback from others who just can’t believe she would be selfish enough to write all day while her husband tends to the house, picks up the kids from school, and cooks dinner. Her response? No one says anything when a woman supports her male partner’s writing in this way, because it’s expected. She ended by emphasizing, especially for women, the unexpected.


I think that’s what Marianne Williams was hinting at when she stated the above. Women aren’t expected to give ourselves permission to do or be anything and we bury ourselves in duties to others before putting ourselves–our dreams, passions, and desires–first. We fall into relationships with others who take advantage of our selflessness, who don’t see us for who we really are and who we long to be, so they take and take and take until we’re gone.


Without being too touchy-feely about it, I think today is a good day to do what you want to. Give yourself permission. You more than deserve it.


3 Comments to “Supporting Women”

  1. This is a thought-provoking post.

    It is true that women have traditionally taken on the role of sacrifice while men have taken on the role of dream-chasing. In my opinion, both sexes ought to do both. Marriage, parenting and many other things work better when both partners are willing to sacrifice for the other, and both partners also have a shot at going for their dreams.

    Incidentally, I’m willing to bet that writer lady’s kids love having so much attention from their dad.

  2. Being of age over 40 the other day I was flattered when someone assumed that I was 28. Then I thought being young at heart, though, shouldn’t mean being young at mind. If the world we live in doesn’t widen and deepen as we age, then we are squandering the most valuable asset life has to offer. I love how experience has informed my judgement and made me I hope a wiser person on life. I can always improve, I will not let anyone try to make me what they want me to be.

  3. I really liked what you wrote. Women have been stifled for centuries. We need a shot of self esteem and the ability to say no to the things that keep us away from creativity and productiveness in any aspect of our choosing.

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